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The five mistakes that YouTubers always make are the reasons why channels don't grow.

Today we will discuss the topic of YouTube

I can't come regularly due to the strain of studying during a madrasa. After an extended time, I brought the fourth episode for you. I hope you all like this episode. If you haven't seen my previous three episodes, you must watch these three episodes to make your video. It will be very helpful. I have given the link of those three episodes here.
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Today I will discuss
There are tons of YouTubers among you who exerting year after year but still don't grow their channel, their views don't increase, their subscribers don't grow.
Maybe this is happening to you. You are suffering so much
The trouble is, there's nothing you haven't done, yet your channel isn't growing or you are not succeeding on YouTube.
There are literally some reasons behind your failure, some mistakes we most youtubers make that each one mistakes never cause success on youtube.
In the middle of this post i will be able to means a number of these mistakes so if you've got ever made these mistakes then you'll not succeed.
So here is what proportion knowledge this idiot has or what proportion he knows

Five mistakes

Most of the time, the new YouTubers come to the new YouTube and do not understand the principles properly.
1- Spamming
Let me clear up what's spamming first, you'll see below the videos of various channels that somebody has commented that said take a glance around my channel, subscribe to my channel, I even have subscribed to you, you subscribe my channel, they create more sorts of comments. .
Even if you look closely at the YouTube guidelines, it says that if anyone writes SUB within the comment box, it'll be considered spamming.
So whether you're new youtuber or old youtuber you'll never make this type of mistake. If you're a daily contributor to the present sort of spamming, then your channel will never grow. Why don't you upload tons of excellent quality videos.
2- Copyright
When we first came to YouTube, I thought, why make a video with such a lot effort? You just have to copy someone else's video. If you say just copy, why not copy?
I would say yes, here is that the problem, if you copy, your video won't rank, because you copied this video from a source that doesn't have any legal information like YouTube to offer you a copyright strike or community guidelines. But YouTube has the facility to prevent you from making this video. YouTube will do just that with you. Now those of you who are thinking that you simply will edit your video together with your mastermind that after editing it'll not strike copyright anymore yes you'll make it but you'll not achieve success on youtube by it. So you refrain from copyright.
You can sing good songs, you'll sing good poems, you'll play good games, you'll play good games ahead of the camera or behind the camera, you can make a video yourself and upload it. InshaAllah you will get good results.
3- misleading
This mistake is formed by almost everyone on the new YouTuber or the old YouTuber.
And that is that we nearly always see that the title has one name or one thing and therefore the video has another or the thumbnail has another video inside the image . For example, within the thumbnail there's an image of Mr. Bean and inside there's a video of Mosharraf Karim. This is how we are found almost all the time. We make this error all the time within the greed of getting extra views.
It falls entirely between misleading and spamming. And if you are doing this, it's going to be your community guideline. So always attempt to use the video relative thumbnail of your video to use the video relative title.
4- Audio quality
Whether we are a replacement youtuber or an old youtuber, we all believe how good our video is. But we never think about our audio quality. If the audio quality isn't good, the viewers or listeners won't just like the video in the least . For example, if I play a movie ahead of you, the video of the movie is in print.
But its sound quality is very good. if the audio is bad then you'll not watch this video albeit this video is sweet . So try
By improving the audio quality, your video are going to be acceptable to the viewers.
5- Depression
When we upload a video, that video isn't being viewed, I did tons of SEO, I did tons of backlinks, but still my video isn't being viewed.
What do we do then? Broke down
90% of new YouTubers make this mistake. When you come to the new YouTube and do not get any views, their minds are broken in order that they do not come to YouTube anymore, they do not work on YouTube anymore.
Now i will be able to say that whatever you say, whether you've got views or not, you've got to form your video, at some point or another, your video are going to be viewed and the number of tourists to your channel will increase, your subscription will increase, at some point you'll achieve success , God willing.
So you retain making videos, I hope your videos will grow at some point or the opposite and yes, you want to keep an eye fixed on these five mistakes, make a video keeping an eye on them.
Sorry if wrong.
And please perform the prayers.
So friends, if there's any problem above thus far today, please let me know within the comments and that i will certainly reply thereto .
I hope you wish the videos on my channel. You must visit my channel at least once.